Fly safe, Fly far, Fly Flight Design Aircraft…

SKY-LAC aims to promote travel by ultralight aircraft

Based at EBAV (Avernas Ultralight Airport, Wallonia, Belgium), SKY-LAC is your partner for ultralight aircrafts of the brand FLIGHT DESIGN, in Belgium.

SKY-LAC, an extension of the company E-LAC which has been active for more than 60 years in the field of domestic and office technologies, joined the Flight Design General Aviation in 2020.

FLIGHT DESIGN has been the leading brand for light aircraft for over 30 years and is known for the robustness and safety of its aircraft.

Since 2017 the Flight Design general aviation GmbH headquarter is located at the airfield Eisenach / Kindel (EDGE). From there, every aircraft they build are shipped to customers after passing a lot of extensive quality tests.

They also offer a maintenance shop! They are able to perform repairs, do warranty service and support the entire line of new and used aircraft.
SKY-LAC is currently demonstrating the CTLS light aircraft and will soon offer it for rent.

Become an ultralight pilot!

Flying is a dream that seems inaccessible for many people, maybe you think it is a dangerous activity, but it is all about learning and rigor.

At Avernas Flying School (UES) you can become a pilot at your own rythme depending on your goals and motivation.

The process to become a pilot is open to everyone. You just need to be in good health but if you have glasses or hearing aids, no problem! Age is not a limit either, some pilots start at 60 and become a pilot in one year…it all depends on your motivation.

The budget to start flying is really light, about 250€ to pass the medical exam and get the learning license. Then you do your flying hours with an instructor for about 135€ per hour.

You progress at your own rythme and according to your abilities.

You will be able to fly alone in the cockpit in less than 30 hours. It will take you about the same number of hours to practice navigation and pass the practical test. Then you will be able to take a passenger after demonstrating 30 hours of solo flight. You will be a safe and reliable pilot in less than 100 hours!

Then begins another life! Just as you take your car to go on vacation, you will take the plane to travel with your wife, your friends or your children, within the limit of 2 people in the Ultra-Light.

Aircraft specifications

Today, an ultralight is a truly complete aircraft, equipped with many instruments. Those designed by FLIGHT DESIGN are not only equipped with the usual flight instruments: altitude, speed, engine details, radio, compass, but also:

  • autopilot
  • parachute for safety in case of accident
  • a glass cockpit with GPS to easily reach your destination.


FLIGHT DESIGN offers only high wing aircraft, with a better view and more safety in case of a crash. If you fail to land and do a 180 degree turn over the wing, you can easily exit the plane! In addition, the cockpit’s carbon-aramid composite cabin helps to protect you and your passenger.


The cabins have been designed to accommodate both tall and short people. Comfortable seats with leather-covered molded foam padding and pneumatically or electrically adjustable lumbar sections provide unparalleled comfort.


FDGA aircraft can fly up to 230 km/h with a fuel consumption of 22 l/h, or even less with a fuel injection engine. They can carry 50kg of luggage, and 130l of fuel, so with a full tank you can reach destinations over 1500km away in one flight!


To reach your second home, your boat or your apartment by road, you will generally have to travel 1000 km in 10 hours consuming about 80 liters of fuel, not counting additional costs such as highway tolls. By air, this same distance will generally be about 800 km in a straight line and will take more or less 4 hours while consuming 60l of the same fuel.

Outside Aircraft CTLS - SKY-LAC
Inside Aircraft CTLS - SKY-LAC
Aircraft CTLS - SKY-LAC

Renting / Purchasing an ultralight aircraft with SKY-LAC

Becoming a pilot is one thing, but for most people, owning an airplane is another and the purchase price can be a barrier. This is where SKY-LAC comes in!

In general, schools have planes for training, but not enough to allow them to travel off base. An agreement is being put in place between SKY-LAC and the aviation school to offer their aircraft for rental for travel. You will only pay for the hours you fly!

SKY-LAC is in the process of offering its aircraft to EBAV, so that you can become a pilot in the school and eventually rent our aircraft at the same location. We are also open to offer our aircraft at other locations depending on the agreement with the local schools or clubs.

Aircraft CTLS - SKY-LAC

Of course, depending on the frequency of your flights, it may be preferable to buy your own aircraft. Here again, you can count on SKY-LAC. If you are convinced as we are by the quality and the advantages of the Flight Design Aircraft, contact us for a demonstration at EBAV, we will be able to give you all the information on the prices and the availability of the Flight Design Aircraft.

Usually, when ordering a new aircraft, it is delivered within 3 to 4 months at EDGE and we can handle the first flight with you to bring your aircraft to your final destination in Belgium with a Belgian or French registration.

Fly safe, Fly far, Fly Flight Design Aircraft…